Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ysabela is 11 months old today

enjoying her cake (just looking) from red ribbon

Happy 11th month my dearest Ysabela
you mean everything to mama
soon you'll be able to eat grown up food
and we'll be a great tandem in the kitchen

you are God's gift to me anak
my harbinger of light
i know i can do everything because of you
i love you so much my baby


  1. Happy 11th month bday baby bela. tita cai loves you very much.
    you'll have a playmate really soon :)

  2. thank you ate will kiss bela for you...
    we love you

  3. Ohhh...your daughter is so adorable!
    Wishing her good health all the time...

  4. thank you so much tina. good health and blessings
    to your family also