Monday, January 23, 2012

Wok Steak

Sunday dinner was steak night for us. We had anticipated mass the night before and had a feast dining at Katre for mama's birthday that we were all too lazy to go out on a fambam sunday. It was papa who bought steak from S&R Shopping.

I love the marbling on the striploins which were tender and  so yummylicious. Our grill pan was in La Union so we had to make do with what was available to us - a wok

we just seasoned the meat with salt & pepper, drizzled olive oil and cooked it on a very very very hot wok

so yummy!!! the steak melts in your mouth
sorry i was overwhelmed by the tenderness of the steak that i forgot to take pictures our sidings of carrots, peas and corn


  1. I love a good steak! You are right about the marbling this is the thing that makes them juicy and delicious! Have a great time with your new blog!